College Football Picks: Week 3 (And The Winner Is…)

You may have heard that I’ve been the crowdsourcing my college football allegiance this year. Without further adieu, I will be throwing my full will and support behind…Baylor! At the suggestion of my friend, Kevin, I’m jumping on the bandwagon of the Bears! Whoo! Clearly, Baylor heard about this crowdsourcing idea and came out to impress me against TCU. Not only that, but they were the only school to have the balls to stand up to Texas A&M and try to keep their conference together. Baylor, you have balls. And you’re impressive. I am now a fan.

Although, those pants with the claw marks have got to go.

On to the games!

One other thing: we’re counting USC-Utah last week as a push because there was no definitive ruling among the sportsbooks, as they were split down the middle on what to do.

Home teams in CAPS.

3-3 last week

6-7 for the season

BAYLOR (-27.5) over Stephen F. Austin because let’s take the new team out for a ride and see what they can do. Here’s the thing, if you can put up 50 on TCU, chances are you’re going to beat the shit out of Stephen F. Austin. Robert Griffin III, do what you do. Side note: What do we have to do to get Stephen F. Austin to change the name of their school to Stone Cold Steve Austin? You’re telling me that doesn’t at least double enrollment? Please.

Auburn (+3.5) over CLEMSON because Clemson barely got by Wofford. And apparently, all Auburn plays is close games. So if they’re getting three and a half, I’m in.

Michigan State (+5.5) over NOTRE DAME because wait, this is a typo right? The chokejob kings are favored? I might take Central Michigan getting 5 against this heartless Notre Dame team. Notre Dame is so scared of getting yelled at for making mistakes, that all they’re doing is making mistakes. They can’t finish and they can’t win.

Arizona State (+2) over ILLINOIS because Arizona State is absolutely for real. Brock Osweiler is an absolute G, and this team will contend for the PAC 12 title. Illinois is another Big 10 also ran who will do nothing of substance, except for almost beat a good team towards the end of the season.

Oklahoma (-3) over FLORIDA STATE because I refuse to believe in Florida State until they actually do something worth meriting a no.5 ranking. Landry Jones is for real, and I got roped into taking the Seminoles in this spot last year. Fool me twice, hell no.

MIAMI (-2.5) over Ohio State because cool kids always root for the U. Granted the U won’t be playing football in a year, but until then, cool kids root for them. God, this is the saddest game ever.

NEBRASKA (-17.5) over Washington because Nebraska is the class of the Big 10 and Washington is at best an average PAC 12 team. Home field advantage + Taylor Martinez = big win.

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