Breaking News: PAC 12 Announces Two Team Expansion!


This just in…Joe Schad of ESPN is reporting that the PAC 12 has reversed their stance, and is, in fact, adding two new teams to the conference. This has been confirmed by PAC 12 commissioner Larry Scott. Both teams will begin conference play in August 2012. No word yet on whether the PAC 12 plans on any further expansion.


Here are the details:



The Bushwhackers will join the PAC 12’s South Division in 2012. Hailing from New Zealand, the Bushwhackers debuted in the WWF in 1989 and quickly took the sports world by storm. They never won a championship during their storied seven year career, but that may all change starting next year as they set their sights on the Rose Bowl and possibly a national championsip. They boast a strong running game, being as they tend to not be able to recognize pain. However, time will tell if they possess the fine motor skills to develop an equally strong passing attack. The fact that their entire team is composed of two men in their sixties also may prove to be a hindrance. Nonetheless, the Bushwhackers will be eyeing a PAC 12 Championship starting next year!



With the upcoming departure of Andrew Luck to the NFL it is very possible that Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids will enter the PAC 12 North as odds on favorites to win the division. With talented left guard Fat Albert opening up holes for him, running back Dumb Donald could be an early favorite for next year’s Heisman. Add to that wily quarterback Rudy Davis and his two pronged air attack of Mushmouth and Weird Harold, and you have all the makings of a national championship contender. The team will also be playing all of their games in a North Philadelphia junkyard, giving them one of the most sizable homefield advantages in the coference, rivaled only by Oregon’s Autzen Stadium.

No word yet on whether the PAC 12 will change its name to the PAC 14 or if it will pursue any more members. Thanks again to ESPN’s Joe Schad for breaking this story.

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